Our bikes are of the highest quality: not only do we use the best brands, the bikes are also always equipped with quality components such as Shimano Ultegra and Shimano 105, Shimano wheels and FSA assembly. Furthermore, we stand for flexibility, so with our racing bikes you can always choose from a casette 11/28, 11/30 or 11/32, at the front the racing bikes are always equipped with compact 50/34.

We have selected a nice range of bicycles for you:

Wilier GTR Team DISC

The Wilier GTR team with shimano manual gears is our "basic" model. But what can you call basic if you have disc brakes and full Shimano Ultegra group, Shimano RS wheels and a carbon frame from Wilier? Further assembly based on FSA professional parts ... Not so basic.

Wilier Cento 01 NDR DISC

Are you used to shift gears electrically? Then we offer the Wilier CENTO 01 NDR. This bike is assembled with Shimano Ultegra Di2 electric shifting and stands for endurance and comfort through the NDR comfort frame. The bike has also Shimano RS wheels and FSA assembly. In short, this is a bike for the more sporty cyclist who wants to shift electrically.

Wilier Cento 10 SL DISC 12 SPEED

Going high-end? Than you choose the Cento 10SL, aerodynamic design, aero geometry, but still wonderful uphill, the best of different worlds together in one bike. This combined with the latest Shimano Ultegra 12SPEED Di2 group... All integrated cable set makes it an incedable bike to see and to ride...

Wilier Cento 01 HYBRID DISC

Are the hills in the Marina Alta a bit too heavy for a nice cycling experience? No problem, we have an electric race bike, the Wilier CENTO 01 Hybrid. This bike has an e-bike motion electric system consisting of a 250Wh battery (good for 80-100 km of cycling pleasure) and rear wheel motor. Because the power comes from the rear wheel, the racing bike experience is retained. The battery capacity can be doubled by using an extra battery of 250Wh in the drinking can holder, than you are good for a supported ride of more than 150 km. The bike is further equipped with Shimano Ultegra manual gears and FSA components.